Texas History Curriculum for Home and Private Schools

Texas is a wonderful state. From the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast to the pine woods in East Texas to the plains in West Texas, there is so much to explore.

The journey is about to begin…

Discover Texas is a Texas History curriculum on CD-ROM designed to teach Texas history, geography, and government to students between 4th and 9th grades.

Ten chronological units make lesson planning easy. Interesting overviews introduce each topic and link students to pre-selected web sites for deeper study.

Related unit study activities, supplemental reading lists, reasoning and review questions, and field trip ideas help you to discover Texas the way it was meant to be discovered…one adventure after another.

At the end of each unit are suggested activities (Doing More), reasoning and review questions (Thinking More), and related books and web sites for more in-depth study (Learning More). Using the Trip Planner feature on the Teacher Tips page, you can plan field trips across town or across the state.

Each of the 10 units are composed of three to four chapters. Chapters are made up of an overview and specific topics. These chapters will more than cover the history of our state for fourth graders. By using the related unit study activities, reasoning and review questions and using the related books and web sites, home school families will be able to use this curriculum as a basis for a high school level course in "Citizenship".

Join us on our journey. Click here for sample pages.