About UsAuthor of Discover Texas Curriculum, Lynn Dean

Lynn Dean is the author and researcher of Discover Texas. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a former homeschooling mom with over 16 years’ experience. In addition to teaching her own daughter and son, she taught drafting, writing, and Texas history classes for 10 years at the Brazos Valley Home School Cooperative.

Lynn did not always enjoy history. Her husband, a real history buff, was dismayed to learn that Texas history was one of her least favorite subjects in school. “Why? Because my history class met right after lunch in a room without air conditioning. The chairs were hard and sticky. Our books were black and white text with few pictures and no color. The coach sat on his desk and read the textbook to us—long lists of battles I didn’t understand and the names of people who died ages ago—while I struggled not to snooze.” For husband, Tom, learning about Texas history was different. His father traveled, and his mother loved history. Whenever they could travel as a family, she told stories about great adventures, and when they got to the site where it happened, there were things to see and do. “When he told me that, I remembered that in third grade my teacher let us build a teepee on the playground when we studied Plains Indians. That may be the only thing I remember of my formal study of history.” As the time to teach state history approached, this provided food for thought. We actually remember very little of what we read, but the interest and retention levels go up when we add activities that involve the senses, guiding students to participate and discover on their own. Discover Texas was the result—the first Texas history curriculum written by homeschoolers and for homeschoolers.

With her daughter and son graduated, Lynn has had time to pursue other writing projects. Last year she teamed up with four other homeschool moms across the nation who write Christian fiction. Together they launched www.aNOVELWritingSite.com, a website that offers free instruction for students interested in honing their writing skills. She is also associated with Texian Christian Writers at www.godandtexas.org.

Lynn is available to speak to homeschool parents about Texas history, creative writing, or how to teach using discovery learning. Contact her at info@discovertexasonline.com.