Caverns of Sonora

Another smaller, out-of-the-way cavern system that offers LOTS of opportunities for adventure are the Caverns of Sonora in Sonora, Texas. And in case you're not a fan of the typical underground chill, the Caverns of Sonora are uniquely warm! They offer a variety of tours, including an Underground Classroom and a family-friendly Discover Challenge tour. I'm embedding the video for Read More

Cave Without a Name

Cave Without a Name

There are actually TWO caves in and around Boerne, Texas. I've already posted about Cascade Caverns, but don't miss the Cave Without a Name. Their website features a very nice page about karsts, aquifers, and cave chemistry that would enhance older students' understanding of Texas geography. They also offer a camping and a variety of tours and pricing to fit individuals, families Read More

Cascade Caverns

Cascade Caverns_1

Cascade Caverns in Boerne, Texas may not be as accessible or commercialized as some, but it offers some really appealing opportunities. For example, because they are remote, they offer on-site camping that's likely to provide you with a very inspiring view of the stars over the Lone Star State. They also offer special geological and adventure tours for older students (16 and up Read More

Inner Space Cavern

Inner Space Cavern

If you're looking for a field trip to go along with your study of Texas geography, one of the most centrally-located possibilities in Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas. Inner Space Cavern is also one of Texas' "newest" caves--at least in terms of discovery. Drillers taking core samples for the Texas Highway Department discovered it quite by accident in 1963 (during the Read More

Longhorn Cavern

Longhorn Cavern

Some people may feel that if you've seen one cave, you've seen them all, but Longhorn Cavern, a river-formed cavern, is unique. Longhorn Cavern State Park is located in Burnett, Texas. If you're really adventurous, you can sign up for a Wild Cave tour where guides will take you into portions not included on the beaten path most tourists Read More

Natural Bridge Caverns

Emerald Lake

Just beneath the surface of the Texas Hill Country lies a layer of honeycombed limestone. Centuries of water moving through the rock into the Edwards Aquifer have formed some spectacular caves and caverns that are well worth a special trip. Natural Bridge Caverns is one I remember well from my own childhood, mostly because I rode through it on my father's shoulders and came Read More

Bats in Flight, Appearing Every Night

Mexican free-tailed bats_Austin

Not every field trip in Austin is related to state history and government. The colony of Mexican Free-tailed bats who have taken up residence beneath the Congress Avenue bridge could not care less who has "bats in the belfry" at the other end of Congress Avenue. Viewing is usually best May-October when there are more insects for feeding. (Great for the bats; not so much for you, Read More

Texas Capitol (Austin)

Capitol with Lampport

If you're planning a field trip to the state capitol in Austin, you'll want to know how easy it is to take a tour of the capitol building.   You can arrange for a free guided tour in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, or even Russian through the Texas Capitol Visitor's Center, open Monday-Saturday from 9-5 and on Sundays from noon-5. Call Read More

Bob Bullock Museum

Bob Bullock State History Museum

You should not plan a trip to Austin without planning to visit the Bob Bullock Story of Texas Museum. In fact, even if you're not planning a trip to Austin, you might want to start now. The Bob Bullock is that good! Through May 17, 2015 there's a special exhibit featuring French explorer LaSalle's wrecked ship, La Belle with an accompanying film, Shipwrecked, in the Texas Read More

THSC Capitol Days (and More!)

The Texas Legislature meets every other year, and 2015 is one of those years! If you'd like to bring state government and politics to life for your students, I can think of no better way than letting them take part in the process, even if just for a day. The Texas Home School Coalition makes that easy through their Capitol Days program. Watch! THSC Read More