Please Pray for our Nation

Flag_American (1847) color

On the eve of the 4th of July, I'm poised on the leading edge of several projects--new posts, new books. But the thought that is foremost in my mind and heaviest in my heart is that those of us who profess to follow God must pray as never before for our nation. Our Constitution only has meaning if we follow it, as it was intended, as the rule of law by which we all abide. The Read more

Radio Interview Today!

Chosen Generation

So excited to be an invited guest on Pastor Greg Young's talk show Chosen Generation Thursday, July 2 from 9-10 in the morning! Click the link above to join us as we discuss why accurate history is important and some current events that illustrate the point. Read more

Discover Texas adds Coloring Pages

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In addition to "Read-Along" sound, I've added another new feature to Discover Texas this year-- Coloring pages! Some are weblinks to quality educational resources already in existence, and others are drawings exclusive to Discover Texas and contained in the Master file of your Teacher Tips section. A couple of ways you can use this new resource: To build a Read more

Now with “Read-Along” Sound!

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I want to take a short break between post series to let you know about a new feature I've added to Discover Texas-- Read-Along Sound! I'm so excited! Been wanting to do this for a long time and now, as they say, "We have the technology!" Of course, I think a hands-on unit study based curriculum like Discover Texas is of great benefit to any child, no matter their learning Read more

The Tumultuous Election of 1860

Today I'd like to share a second noteworthy video I found. This one deals with the election of 1860, the results of which launched the United States into disunity and civil war. Again, though the issues have changed over 150 years, the foundational principles and political climate are eerily similar. Consider: What was the effect of disunity Read more

On a Serious Note_The Dred Scott Case

Every year during the first week of May I review the Discover Texas curriculum, checking links and adding current material. Among the noteworthy items I found this year were two videos. They were noteworthy not only because they are of excellent quality, but also because they invite us to examine the lessons of history lest we repeat them. Over a century and a half later, the issues Read more

Bob Bullock Museum

Bob Bullock State History Museum

Texans might have a reputation for being proud, but there's just so much to be proud OF! The Bob Bullock Story of Texas Museum, located 6 blocks north of the Capitol, tells the whole grand story of our history in a wonderfully interactive way. I can't recommend it highly enough! Entrance is a bit pricey. Adult tickets for the museum are $12, Seniors & Military get in for $10, Read more

“Texas Rising” Review-Part 9/Reel-to-Real Characters

TR_Max Thieriot as Jack Coffee Hays

In contrast to their ludicrous attempt to pass off the high dessert of Durango, Mexico as anything resembling the east Texas coastal plains, Texas Rising did a fair-to-middling job of casting actors to play key historical characters. I'll post the "reel" actors and the "real" originals side by side and let you decide how true to type they come. Pay close attention to the ages! As you Read more

“Texas Rising” Review-Part 8/Historic Lives Matter


Leslie Greif, co-creator of the History channel mini-series Texas Rising, was quoted in the May 2015 issue of Men's Journal saying, "Our goal is to entertain you. We're not out to tell a history lesson. 'Texas Rising' is a great Western Saga that parallels people's [strive] for liberation and overcoming conflict with a backdrop of Texas history." He has succeeded in avoiding any Read more

“Texas Rising” Review-Part 7/The Spoils of War


One of the most fascinating stories of San Jacinto concerns the capture of General Santa Anna. We're not sure where he was during the battle. In his memoirs, he claims to have been napping under an oak tree (as depicted in Texas Rising). Bollaert's journal, which may record the story of Emily West as told to Isaac Moreland who told it to Sam Houston who told it to Bollaert, places Santa Read more