Texas Christmas Spectaculars!

Marshall Lights

Here are some holiday displays you won’t want to miss! November 26-December 31 A feature city in the annual Trail of Lights that reaches through the Pineywoods into northern Louisiana, the Wonderland of Lights in Marshall, Texas is the granddaddy of them all! Crowned with over 10 million lights, the display begins when Santa Clause arrives at 5:30 the night before Thanksgiving. Read More

Texas Rangers Established

Texas Rangers

Today is the "official" birthday of the Texas Rangers, though the Rangers had been a force to contend with for a dozen years before they were officially organized by Texas lawmakers. It happened something like this: When Stephen F. Austin began to settle American families in the Mexican territory known as Texas (with full permission of the new Mexican government by means of Read More

San Fernando Cathedral Light Show

San Fernando Cathedral Light Show

Since its early summer debut, the musical and video production "San Antonio|The Saga" has captivated audiences with a 24-minute narrative of San Antonio history flashed in vivid, moving colors against the wall of San Fernando Cathedral in the city's Main Plaza. Here are some impressive facts that might interest you: San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United Read More

Sam Houston’s Baptism

Sam Houston

On this day in 1854, Texas hero Sam Houston joined Independence Baptist Church and was baptized in nearby Little Rocky Creek by Rufus C. Burleson, who was then president of Baylor University. Houston was a larger-than-life sort of man and a rabble-rouser by most accounts. Even the Native Americans who adopted him into their tribe nicknamed him "Big Drunk", but his wife, Margaret, and her Read More

The End of the Texas Trail Drives


On 17 November 1884 cattlemen meeting in St. Louis passed a resolution to ask the United States Congress to build and maintain a National Trail from Doan's Crossing on the Red River as far north as the Canadian border. "Texas fever", caused by ticks, sickened many cattle in cooler states where ticks were not as common. Texas fever gave Texas cattle a bad name. Northern cattlemen Read More

The Official Alamo Website (.org)

The Alamo webpage

Okay...maybe I lied. In the last post I said that "Save Texas History" was my favorite section of the Texas General Land Grant website...but then I found The Official Alamo Website. History...Preservation...Education...Plan a Visit...Get Involved... Where do I start? Where do I sign up? AH. MA. ZING! resource. Please, please take time to browse. Read More

Save Texas History

Save Texas History

"Save Texas History" is education central from the Texas General Land Office, and boy! What a resource! :) In the Media Room, you can read about current affairs or about historical events that have shaped the state. Go to the Archives section to peek at what's on display at the Virtual Museum or see what treasures are in the Vault. Under Education you'll find information on Read More

This Week in Texas History

This Week in Texas History

"This Week in Texas History", a feature of the Texas General Land Office website, bills itself as an archive of "the stories that made Texas great"--and we all know there are PLENTY of those! ;) Political scandals, war heroes, heat waves and hurricanes, civil rights visionaries, football rivalries, boom towns and oil barons--"This Week in Texas History" tells the stories in 1-minute Read More

Texas Hidden History

Texas Hidden History

Texas Hidden History is a feature of the Texas General Land Office website. (Look for a quick link on the horizontal scrolling band at the bottom.) See those icons? Click any one of them to see a historic map overlayed on a modern map. See how much the city has grown. Find your house. What was there a over a hundred years ago? Visual. Interactive. A great way to introduce map Read More

Texas General Land Office – A Little-known Resource

Texas General Land Office menu

When I visited the website of the Texas General Land Office, the first thing I did was check out the tabs across the top of the screen. Woah! I never knew the Land Office did so much! In fact, I'm not sure I ever thought much about what the Land Office did at all...but it's pretty interesting. I'd always heard that the position of Texas Land Commissioner "held a lot of power, Read More