Texas is a-MAZE-ing!

Texas is a-MAZE-ing at Sweet Berry Farm

Texas really IS a-MAZE-ing at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls.   As an educational end-of-year reward, your students might enjoy a "Maize Maze"--a cornfield puzzle that lets them discover Texas agriculture AND Texas history in a unique way. Depending on where you live, you might also check out the South Texas Maze. Read more

Space Center Houston

stsci-violet space NASA and Adolf Schaller for STScI

"Welcome aboard! Prepare to be thrust into an amazing adventure!" This is the welcome you'll receive when you visit Space Center Houston, the gateway to the Johnson Space Center.   Simulations, Teen Summits, Summer Camps, Educational Programs--there's literally too much going on for me to summarize here, but I guarantee your students will have the time of their lives. Read more

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Museum

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo dancers

The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Museum, fifteen miles southeast of downtown El Paso, is part of the Ysleta del Sur Cultural Center. The museum features the history and culture of the Tigua Indians, refugees who settled near El Paso in October 1680 after fleeing from the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico. Enjoy guided tours by Tigua youth, shop for Tigua handcrafts, taste traditional Indian Read more

San Felipe de Austin

San Felipe de Austin

From 1824 to 1836, San Felipe de Austin was the social and economic center of the American colonies in Texas and served as the colonial capital. The San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site preserves a portion of the townsite, founded on the banks of the Brazos in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas," and the 297 colonists who followed him. Their story is told through Read more

Rancho de las Cabras

Rancho de las Cabras

Rancho de las Cabras means "Ranch of the Goats", and that's just what it was. The site of the goat and cattle ranch near present-day Floresville supported the missionaries and native tribesmen who lived at Mission Espada. Rangers offer a limited number of free tours each year by reservation. What's left to see? A few artifacts. Not much in the way of structures (though Read more

Mission Tejas State Park

Mission San Francisco de los Tejas

At Mission Tejas State Park, you can see a replica of Mission San Francisco de los Tejas and combine trips to nearby Caddo Mounds State Historic Site.   Mission San Francisco de los Tejas was the first Spanish mission established in Texas in 1690. The park is also home to the restored log home of the Joseph Redmund Rice family. Built in 1828, the cabin is one of the Read more

The Old Stone Fort Museum (East Texas Research Center)

The Old Stone Fort

Antonio Gil Y'Barbo built his stone home around 1790, and it served the community of the Y'Barbo colony performing various functions for over a century. It stood against armed revolts--acquiring the nickname "The Old Stone Fort"--but it was not revolutions that brought the old house down. Rather, the "wheels of progress" razed the structure in 1902, but the Texas Centennial Commission Read more

A Handy Online Guide to Texas Museums by Region and City

If you're looking for field trip ideas in your area, and you've perused the listings in the Discover Texas blog archives and STILL haven't found what you're looking for... TRY THIS WEBSITE. Good ol' Wikipedia ("Source of all knowledge") provides a handy online guide to Texas museums broken down by region and by city! Can't vouch that it's all-inclusive, but it sure is a valuable Read more

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Museum

True confession time. This was another field trip I sorta got dragged onto...and then the folks I was with had to drag me out! The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum is more interesting than I ever imagined. A bit of explanation may help you understand why.   A school classmate, when he graduated, did not go to college to study petroleum engineering as I thought he Read more

East Texas Oil Museum

KilgoreOil Museum

The East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore, Texas is "a tribute to the independent oil producers and wildcatters, to the men and women who dared to dream as they pursued the fruits of free enterprise." Indeed! :) The museum's dioramas, movies, and recorded personal interviews take you back to the early 19th century "Boomtown" to see what it was like to experience the discovery and Read more