Confederate Flag Follow-up


One responder to my post on the Confederate Flag has asked why, when the "Confederate Flag" (read: Confederate Navy Jack) is "a symbol of racism and oppression for millions of Americans" it should be acceptable for the Confederate flag to be flown when so many people died due to slavery. If you will read my post, you will see I made no comment as to whether or not this flag or any Read more

See You at the Book Fair!


Apologies for the missed posts last week. Family emergencies the week before a big event makes for some crazy scheduling, but God is seeing us through! Looking SO forward to the THSC Conference in The Woodlands July 23-25. Hope to see you there! :) Read more

The “Confederate Flag”, or, Why It’s Important to Study History

March 1861-May 1861

The Confederate flag has been in the news a lot lately...or, more correctly, the Confederate flag has NOT been in the news lately. That which some call "the Confederate flag" is NOT the flag of the Confederacy at all. It's important to study and understand history. A review... The states did not secede all at once. Obviously, it was a decision with intense ramifications. The Read more

Waco Mammoth Site becomes a National Monument!


It's been a week for recognizing historical sites in Texas! First the San Antonio missions were recognized as World Heritage treasures, and now the Waco Mammoth Site is all set to become a National Monument! Very cool exhibit, and the bones really tell a story. Read more here or visit the Waco Mammoth National Park website.   Read more

San Antonio Missions Declared World Heritage Site


Congratulations! On Monday, July 6 the San Antonio Missions were officially recognized as a World Heritage Site. The San Antonio missions are actually were actually a system of evangelical communities that included 5 church/life compounds--Mission San Jose, Mission Concepcion, Mission Espada, Mission San Juan, and San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo)--and support facilities such as Read more

Please Pray for our Nation

Flag_American (1847) color

On the eve of the 4th of July, I'm poised on the leading edge of several projects--new posts, new books. But the thought that is foremost in my mind and heaviest in my heart is that those of us who profess to follow God must pray as never before for our nation. Our Constitution only has meaning if we follow it, as it was intended, as the rule of law by which we all abide. The Read more

Radio Interview Today!

Chosen Generation

So excited to be an invited guest on Pastor Greg Young's talk show Chosen Generation Thursday, July 2 from 9-10 in the morning! Click the link above to join us as we discuss why accurate history is important and some current events that illustrate the point. Read more

Discover Texas adds Coloring Pages

Flag_Spanish Cross

In addition to "Read-Along" sound, I've added another new feature to Discover Texas this year-- Coloring pages! Some are weblinks to quality educational resources already in existence, and others are drawings exclusive to Discover Texas and contained in the Master file of your Teacher Tips section. A couple of ways you can use this new resource: To build a Read more

Now with “Read-Along” Sound!

sound button

I want to take a short break between post series to let you know about a new feature I've added to Discover Texas-- Read-Along Sound! I'm so excited! Been wanting to do this for a long time and now, as they say, "We have the technology!" Of course, I think a hands-on unit study based curriculum like Discover Texas is of great benefit to any child, no matter their learning Read more

The Tumultuous Election of 1860

Today I'd like to share a second noteworthy video I found. This one deals with the election of 1860, the results of which launched the United States into disunity and civil war. Again, though the issues have changed over 150 years, the foundational principles and political climate are eerily similar. Consider: What was the effect of disunity Read more