Trail of Tears (with documentary)

Trail of Tears

History does not happen in isolation. What happens "there" affects what happens "here". That's why it's important to understand the Trail of Tears even though it did not, technically, occur in Texas. As native American tribes were removed from land that white settlers wanted, they moved (or WERE moved) west. Some came to Texas and became part of our history even though Read More

Fort Concho (history video)

Fort Concho

Sometimes towns sprang up near the protection of a Texas frontier fort. Fort Concho, near the city of San Angelo, is a good example. (Other examples would include Fort Worth and Gatesville, which was near Fort Gates). Enjoy this video overview of Fort Concho, and if it looks interesting, check the schedule of events on their website. There's always a lot to see and do at Fort Read More

Fort Stockton (video tour)

Fort Stockton

You know I love field trips, but sometimes you just can't go. No worries! Many times you can take a video tour--next best thing to being there. And once you've gotten a sneak peek at what there is to see and do, you may feel better about scheduling a weekend trip. ;) Today, Fort Stockton. The old fort was R-E-M-O-T-E! (And your kids think there's nothing to do where YOU Read More

Fort Phantom Hill (video presentation)

Fort Phantom Hill Chimneys

There is a haunting quality about the old Texas forts. Sentinels of the frontier, they were built on the outskirts and fringes as the pioneers pushed west. They were isolated then. Many are isolated still. As you watch this video tour of Fort Phantom Hill, try to imagine what it would have been like for the soldiers and their wives and families who lived so far away from Read More

Fathers of Texas (video) – Part 3

Last installment of A&E's Wild West documentary on Moses and Stephen F. Austin, the Fathers of Texas. I've found so many wonderful video resources on YouTube recently! YouTube is not just for music selfies, pictures of the grandbabies and cute kittie pictures anymore. Whenever a new technology is introduced, it seems to take us a while to figure out how to use it to Read More

Fathers of Texas (video) – Part 1

Moses and Stephen F. Austin

This week I'm featuring a very nice documentary I ran across recently. I'll run the first segment today, the second on Wednesday, and finish up on Friday. Watch as country and western singer Kenny Rogers tells the story of Moses and Stephen F. Austin, the Fathers of Texas. Read More

How a Bill Becomes Law (Schoolhouse Rock)

In honor of Independence Day, I bring you the Schoolhouse Rock classic "How a Bill Becomes Law". The American colonists fought for independence from a tyrannical king in England. He made laws and changed laws to suit his whims and placed burdens on the citizens without care for their interests. The Texas colonists fought for independence from a Read More

San Antonio Missions video tour

Mission Concepcion

We had guests last month. We took them on a tour of the San Antonio missions. (What else?) You can see a lot of what we saw on this video tour. So much history in Texas! Think about it--several of these missions predate the American Revolution! Read More

Coronado (video)

Francisco Vazquez Coronado

Another important Texas explorer was Francisco Vazquez de Coronado. Coronado came to Texas before Cabeza de Vaca's small ship was stranded here, but Coronado was a very different sort of man. Brave, yes, but also greedy. He came to the New World in search of gold. He took advantage of his native hosts. Not the best first impression! Coronado never found the gold he sought, but Read More