Texas Annexation Day

Texas Annexation

Texas has the unique distinction of being the only state  that was once an independent republic. (But we're NOT the only state that was once a sovereign nation. Hawaii was a monarchy with a queen and everything, but not a free-voting republic, so they're a bit different.) Anyway, back on this day--October 13th of 1845--the citizens of the Republic of Texas voted 4245 to 257 to approve Read more

Sarah DeWitt

Sarah DeWitt, wife of empresario Green DeWitt, was born in Brooks County, Virginia on June 27, 1787 (-1789), the daughter of Jonas Seely. She married Green DeWitt, who would become a Texas empresario, on December 15, 1808 in St. Louis County, Missouri. We don't know much about her life between her birth and marriage, but her life after marriage was filled with adventure. We know Read more

Exploring Early Exploration

Once each month, the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio offers a free Sunday forum. The October free forum is coming up this Sunday, October 11--a public program called "Exploring Early Exploration." If you live in the San Antonio area, this is definitely worth your time. If you live within driving distance, it would probably be worth the trip. Everything Institute Read more

Green DeWitt

TexasTheBeginning_Green deWitt

Green DeWitt, empresario (or land agent) of the DeWitt colony, was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky on February 12, 1787, to Walter and Sarah DeWitt. His father moved the family to a land grand in Missouri territory around 1803. DeWitt grew up in the Spanish-held territory. He went back to Kentucky at 18 for two years to complete his education, then returned to Missouri where he married Read more

Texas: The Beginning


Texas: The Beginning is the brainchild of a small group of history buffs and influential businessmen who have come together to preserve the historical important of Gonzales as a prequel to the Alamo. They tell "the rest of the story", and it's a fascinating beginning, indeed!   Gonzales became "the Lexington of Texas" when a militia of 18 men faced down 100 Mexican Read more

How to Make Learning Meaningful, Memorable and Fun!

2_How to Make Learning Meaningful, Memorable and Fun_Inner Cover

How to Make Learning Meaningful, Memorable and Fun, Book 2 in the Homeschool Parents' How-To Series, is now available in paperback! Packed with encouragements and ideas, there's plenty of space in the paperback version to record your own insights and plans to take your family's homeschool experience to the next level. Kindle version is available on Amazon. It will take about a Read more

Texas: The Beginning / The “Come and Take It” Flag


This series of posts celebrates Texas: The Beginning, a new resource for lovers of Texas history. Perhaps you have seen the "Come and Take It" flag making the news recently. Many Americans see it as a symbol of the stand for freedom, especially the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. But do you know the history of the Read more

Texas: The Beginning / The Battle of Gonzales

TexasTheBeginning1_Battle of Gonzales

This series of posts celebrates Texas: The Beginning, a new resource for lovers of Texas history. The Battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835 was a small skirmish, really. Only 18 men with a tiny cannon. Only one Mexican soldier was killed. But it only takes a spark to start a forest fire when the tinder is dry! Because Texans did not trust their government, the shots fired on that day Read more

It’s Here! Homeschool Parents’ How-To Series – Book 2

Out Now

I'm excited to let you know that Book 2 in the Homeschool Parents' How-To Series, How to Make Learning Meaningful, Memorable, and Fun, is available TODAY on Amazon for Kindle. Paperback version should be available by the weekend. Book 1 in this series, How to Teach the Way Your Child Learns, came out in August--just in time for the start of school. Keep watching in October Read more

Palacio del Rio

Hilton Palacio del Rio - San Antonio River Walk

Here's another record-breaking San Antonio hotel--the beautiful Palacio del Rio, built in record time in order to complete construction in time for the April 1968 opening of the HemisFair. Using ground-breaking engineering techniques, H. B. Zachry completed the 21-story structure in just 202 working days--one entire floor of fully furnished rooms was finished every 9-10 days, on Read more