Teaching the “Flowing” Temperament


The fourth temperament type we'll meet are the smooth-flowing "phlegmatics".   These folks are goal-oriented introverts. Energized and inspired in a quiet, relaxed, reflective environment Practical, stable, dependable--they are the "glue" that holds things together Need to know what the purpose is, how you'd like things done, and when they're Read More

Teaching the “Feeling” Temperament


Today we'll begin to meet the quieter temperaments, beginning with the deep-feeling “melancholics”.   These folks are relationship-oriented introverts. Energized and inspired in a quiet, relaxed, reflective environment Great "big picture" vision Need to know why and "what if..." Crave imaginative expression Love an opportunity to invent or create Need time to Read More

Teaching the “Friendly” Temperament


  Continuing to look at the four basic temperaments individually, let's note again that temperament is not the same thing as personality. Temperament refers to the root motivations and social preferences from which personality grows. While we may admire some traits and find other quirks and behaviors undesirable, it’s important to remember that temperament is a neutral Read More

Teaching the “Fiery” Temperament


Before we begin to look at the four basic temperaments individually, it's important to note that temperament is not exactly the same thing as personality. It might be helpful to think of temperament as the root motivations and social preferences from which our unique personalities grow. It's also important to consider that temperament affects both the teacher and the student, the parent Read More

4 Classic Temperaments


Psychologists describe personality types in many different ways, but one of the easiest ways to categorize temperaments was devised by the ancient Greeks. Your child's temperament is part of what make's him or her unique. On the most basic level, this matrix sorts social preferences and motivations. Social preferences refer not so much to friendliness and self-confidence as Read More

Tools for Teaching to the 3 Learning Styles

not german

For several years we lived in Germany. When we first arrived, it was not uncommon for someone to approach me and begin speaking in German. My blank expression must have been pretty telling, because it usually didn't take long for them to clue in that I did not understand what they were saying. But what happened next always amused me. They would begin to speak LOUDLY and Read More

3 Learning Styles

Learning styles

(This is Part 2 of a series based on my homeschool conference presentation, "Raise Your Child in the way HE Should Go".) Children learn in three basic ways: Visual, Auditory, and Physical. Most of us show a strong preference for one of these learning styles over the others. Let's look at the traits of each learning style, and in the next post we'll look at tools for teaching Read More

Unlocking the Doors to Your Child’s Potential


Based on a number of requests, today we begin a new series based on a presentation I've given at two different homeschool conferences. The original title was "In the Way HE Should Go". I hope the information will help you as you prepare to begin a new school year! If the doorways of understanding aren't opening... maybe we're using the wrong keys! In Proverbs 22:6 the Read More

Permian Basin

Permian Basin Museum_Oil Patch

Another BIG Texas industry is petroleum! If you're in the Panhandle region, try a visit to the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. Once you get a whiff of Texas crude and hear the music of the pumping rigs, it'll be a feature of your memory for good! http://youtu.be/QPiVefHqW5Y Read More

Burton Cotton Gin and Museum

Burton Cotton Gin

Some of the most out-of-left-field destinations in some of the most out-of-the-way places can really turn out to be more fun and educational than you might have believed. Take the Burton Cotton Gin and Museum. Cotton was BIG business in 19th century Texas...and 20th century Texas...and 21st century Texas. You get the point...cotton is very important to Texas economy! And all Read More